How can you help Hoover Sports?

In order to continue to provide Hoover students with a sports program we rely on volunteers and donations. We greatly appreciated anything you can do to support this program. Here are some ways you can help the Hoover Sports Program continue to thrive and help us come together as a community through sports;

  1. Donate your time (volunteer to coach, be a team parent, join the sports committee, sell tickets, drive team players, etc.)
  2. Become a team/sports sponsor.
  3. Donate goods/service for our annual Sports fundraiser event or Sports recognition event.
  4. Donate money, you can donate via Paypal or our Fund a Need Campaign on Paybee.

Please reach out to our Sports Committee Chair, Arthur Kao via email if you can help in any way. All donations are tax deducible as we are a 501(c)3 non­profit organization and our Tax ID# is 942850423.

Go Hawks!