There are so many ways you can volunteer and help out Hoover and the students. Here are some ideas;

If you have any time you can give, it would be truly appreciated. Please contact hoovermsptsa@gmail.com if you think you can and would like to talk to someone about where best you can help out.

Volunteering Initiatives at Hoover in 2022-23

Hoover Volunteers

If you have any time you can give, it would be truly appreciated. Please fill out our form and let us know how you can help and we will contact you! – Click here to access the sign up form..

Teacher Lounge Snack Donation

Headed to Costco or Smart & Final?  Grab an extra box and donate to the teacher lounge to keep teachers supplied with snacks. – Click here to Sign Up

Sunshine Committee

We are looking for parents to greet students at the drop off locations. There are two locations and two drop off times.  Please check out the sign up form for times and locations.   Thank you! – Click here to Sign Up

Process and forms for volunteering on Campus

We welcome family and community members to volunteer at Hoover. – Click Here to find out more about how to get involved.

No donation is too large or too small! And all the funds go towards support Hoover and its students.

How to donate;

  • Donate via Totem. Login to Totem dashboard, Click on [Memberships] from the menu, then Click on [Make a Donation].
  • Please consider donating today via paypal.
  • You can donate to one of our current campaigns on Paybee.
  • A great way is to get a matching donation from your employer to the Hoover Middle School PTSA.
  • You can also contact us at hoovermsptsa@gmail.com if you wish to donate in a different way.

All donations are tax deducible as Hoover PTSA is a 501(c)3 non­profit organization and our Tax ID# is 942850423.


Participate in the following programs to help raise funds to support Herbert Hoover Middle School!

Join our partners in fundraising for Hoover. Follow these links to learn how to participate:

If you have any questions on how to take part in these programs, the PTSA is eager to help you.  Please email your questions to: HooverMSPTSA@gmail.com.

We are interested in other fundraising opportunities. If you have a fundraising idea, please email us at hoovermsptsa@gmail.com.

Other idea for supporting Hoover!

If you are still looking for some ideas, here are some great suggestions for supporting Hoover. Thank you for your continued support, however you choose to.